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Investing with us not only grants you diversification and professional investment management, but also peace of mind. We manage your investments with the same care, mindfulness, and concern for performance as our own.

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Big Investors

Our investment team manages these portfolios for Big Investors, starting at US$500,000.

Medium Investors

Investments between US$50,000 and US$500,000 are considered as part of Brakket Invest’s Medium Investor portfolios.

Small Investors & Youth Investment

There is a special place at Brakket Invest for Small and Youth Investors. We have developed a system to make investment and wealth growth more accessible to youth. With our installment plan, you are now able to make an investment despite not holding the amount in full at the given time.

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We design your installment plan based on the total amount you’re investing and on your individual capabilities.

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Get in touch with us to discuss your personalized investment plan!