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Our Funds

Bi Alpha | The Real Estate Fund

The Real Estate fund aims to offer investors opportunities with great returns and diversification in various segments of the real estate market. Brakket Invest carefully selects the real estateoversees its administration and strives to increase its market price to ensure better yields.

  1. Ticket Size: US$ 250,000+
  2. Maximum Ticket Size:
  3. Fund Size: US$ 10 Million
  4. Location: EMEA
  5. Sectors: Real Estate
  6. Status: 0% Funded
Bi Beta | The Euro Fund

We believe that industries such as Finance, Services & Real Estate, will never stop growing and offering interesting yields.  That’s why, Bi Betta aims to diversify its funds into those industries, in strategic locations across Europe to ensure good returns. 

  1. Ticket Size: US$ 10,000+
  2. Maximum Ticket Size: US$ 750,000
  3. Fund Size: US$ 15 Million
  4. Location: Europe
  5. Sectors: Technology, Finance, Services, and Real Estate
  6. Status: 10% Funded
Bi Sierra | The Youth Fund

We believe that youth should have better access to investment & financial growth opportunitiesThrough our Youth Fund, young investors can invest in Tech & Real Estate projects in Europe and the Middle East, with small minimum tickets and great returns.  

  1. Ticket Size: US$ 5,000+
  2. Maximum Ticket Size: US$ 35,000
  3. Fund Size: US$ 20 Million
  4. Location: EMEA
  5. Sectors: Real Estate and Technology
  6. Status: 0% Funded
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Independent Projects

Holland Housing Complex
  1. Minimum Ticket Size: US$ 1,000+
  2. Maximum Ticket Size: US$ 500,000
  3. Fund Size: US$ 6 Million
  4. Location: Netherlands
  5. Sectors: Real Estate
  6. Status: 85% Funded