Hello, we are Brakket Invest.

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We like to consider ourselves as industry disruptors for young individuals and up and coming visionaries seeking to take risks and earn income the contemporary way.

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Expanding entrepreneurial ventures while simultaneously managing the equity of our individual investors and expanding their portfolios, is our forte.

Working towards a new future, we have created an environment that capitalizes on innovation by connecting entrepreneurs to resources, strategic relationships, and deep industry expertise that they need to succeed. Along with capital investments for individuals, we provide our clients with an exclusive network of refined partners that provide a range of full functions for a business entity and assist in exposing their highest potentials.

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We aim to empower the up and coming generation of entrepreneurs, providing the opportunity to invest into projects with the best offers and maximum transparency. We continue to venture out into different industry verticals, so our individual investors are able to expand their portfolios and grow their capital across all sectors.

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We're Personal

Firms invest in projects and deals; we invest in people. A deal is transactional, relationships last and endure, and ours is based on curiosity and deep conviction.

Seed to Market Domination

From seed to venture to exponential growth, we work with entrepreneurs and their ventures at every stage, supporting them through every step. We don’t limit ourselves to certain industries, we tackle them all, and we tackle the pain.

We Buckle Up

We believe in our companies, and their mission, even when there are many skeptics around and some bumps along the way, we buckle up and we push. We try to position ourselves as invaluable and trusted partners.